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 Current Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Current Rules and Regulations   Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:20 pm

Guild BankThis is a guild based off of trust. The
guild bank is for use by all members in good standing with the guild.
There is a list of the guild bank access information broken down by
each rank in the guild in the descriptions of each of these ranks. If
you are a level that does not have access to a certain tab, put a
request in the help section of the forums and it will be reviewed. Any
abuse of your privileges in the guild bank and your rights will be
stripped. If this happens again once your rights are returned, you will
be subject to removal from the guild, no questions asked.

Guild Rules

-Respect all members on Tru-WoW.

drama; if you have a dispute with another guild member, please be
mature adults and resolve your differences. We do not want hard
feelings between members, and if it is needed please escalate the
situation to the guild master.

have kicking rights in the guild, they are all trusted friends of the
guild master and all reasonable decisions made by them will be

-If you have been kicked from the guild and are
interested in returning, a unanimous vote from the Advisors is required
in order to be re-invited. If you leave the guild under favorable
circumstances, you are always welcomed back, even if it is with a
different account a year later, once a friend of The Empire always a
friend of The Empire. We recruit the person not their character.

controversial discussions over the guild chat, such as those concerning
politics and religion. If you are asked to discontinue a conversation
by any member of the guild, and you do not do so, you are subject to
demotion to the Exile rank or further disciplinary action up to removal
from the guild.

-Inappropriate behavior and "ninja-ing" items
(whether guild ran event or not) will get you banned from the guild.
You are representing the entire family while playing with "The Empire"
over your head, make us look good. And I do not care who you ninja'd
the item from, you will be kicked from the guild.

-No charging guild members; if you want profit go out the family.

of the guild bank is subject to removal and being banned from the
guild. If Misuse is suspected, you will be confronted and disciplined.


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Current Rules and Regulations
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