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 Abbreviated rules - for those intimidated by the government :p

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PostSubject: Abbreviated rules - for those intimidated by the government :p   Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:54 am

Abbreviated rules -

- Don't be a dick to other people on Tru-Wow - someone you insult today might be someone you DON'T run an instance with tomorrow.

- Don't steal from the GB - we've made it public access for a reason, because we reckon that we can trust you. Please don't jeopardize that trust.

- If you know what you're gonna say is gonna get someone upset, don't say it. We're all friends here, and friends don't make each other upset for no reason.

- Don't force other members to pay for your services - Yes, I know, QQ about it all you want, but just don't. If I hear that you do so, I'll kick you personally. Making money at the expense of friends will not be tolerated.

Have fun Smile
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Abbreviated rules - for those intimidated by the government :p
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